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Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss in Baton Rouge

What is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring after massive weight loss is a way to surgically address the excess sagging skin and pockets of excess fat that are often present after losing a large amount of weight. Dr. Andrew Freel is experienced in performing Body Contouring after massive weight loss for Baton Rouge patients.

Life changes, and so does a patient’s body. Weight loss occurs for many reasons: diet and exercise, pregnancy, weight loss surgery, etc. After weight loss, a patient’s body will undergo many changes. Often, the skin will not tighten up and remain loose, and sometimes (in pregnancy) the stomach muscles will remain separated, giving the appearance of a bulge in the lower abdomen. Body Contouring is designed to correct these changes.

What procedures compromise Body Contouring?

There are numerous Body Contouring procedures, and they are designed to correct certain problem areas:

Am I a good candidate?

Most patients are good candidates for body contouring if:

  • They are healthy enough to undergo an operation under general anesthesia
  • The weight loss has been stable for six months
  • The patient is at the desired weight goal
  • Women do not plan on having additional children

An in-office consultation with Dr. Freel is the best way to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery.

Is this the same thing as Weight Loss Surgery?

Body Contouring and Weight Loss Surgery are two different procedures. Most people will lose anywhere from a few to ten pounds with Body Contouring, but the goal is to remove excess skin and fat and tighten the skin. Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery) is designed to lose tremendous amounts of fat and will have a much larger amount of weight loss.

What if I regain the weight after surgery?

Occasionally, people do regain weight after Body Contouring. The postoperative result should stay similar unless large amounts of weight are gained or lost. If massive weight changes occur, additional surgeries can be performed to tighten the skin again.

How is the surgery performed?

Dr. Freel performs Body Contouring under general anesthesia: i.e. going to sleep. Surgery can be performed in a private surgical center (Cumberland Surgical Center) or can be performed at one of the local hospitals if combined with another surgery or if the patient wishes. Patients typically go home the day of surgery and do not require an overnight stay.

Is preparation necessary for surgery?

Preparation for surgery is relatively easy. Patients will need preoperative clearance prior to surgery from their medical doctor. Laboratory values will be checked to make sure that adequate nutritional parameters are met.

Patients are advised to stay off of NSAIDs (pain relievers – Motrin, Aleve, Advil, etc.) for two weeks prior to surgery. Tylenol is fine to take before and after surgery for aches or pains. Certain over-the-counter medications have blood-thinning properties and are also advised to be stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery – fish oil, ginseng, gingko biloba, etc.

Can I have multiple procedures at one time?

Massive weight loss patients typically have multiple problem areas. Usually, the breasts and abdomen can be corrected at the same time.

If more than two areas are to be addressed, then surgery is performed in stages, i.e. at multiple different dates. Typically, contouring of the abdomen and breasts or buttocks is performed first. Then the patient is allowed to heal, and 3-6 months later, another area (arms/legs/back) can be addressed.

It is unsafe to have outpatient surgery lasting longer than six hours. A team of physicians works together to ensure that surgery does not last longer than six hours.

How is the recovery process?

The recovery process is very manageable. Surgery typically takes 2-6 hours (depending on the number of procedures) and the patient returns home that day. Patients are given support garments for the first six weeks after surgery. Numbing medication is injected into the abdominal wall to help decrease postoperative pain. Most patients hurt for the first few weeks and then feel sore and tight for 4 – 6 weeks afterwards.

Heavy lifting is avoided for 6 weeks after abdominal surgery. Patients are allowed to return to work within a few weeks, assuming they can avoid heavy lifting. Most people can expect their final result within three months. Vigorous exercise is avoided for the first six weeks, but light walking is encouraged soon after surgery.

Where is surgery performed?

Dr. Freel performs the majority of his Body Contouring surgery at Cumberland Surgical Center. This facility has two AAAASF certified operating rooms along with fulltime nursing and support staff. Cumberland Surgical Center allows for minimal wait times, privacy, and very safe procedures by the excellent anesthesia team. Surgical fees are also minimized to keep surgery affordable for the patient.

To view a video about body contouring, click here.

The cost of Body Contouring after massive weight loss

The price of your Body Contouring procedure or procedures will depend on multiple factors. The cost is based on the number and type of procedures being performed, the amount of time required to perform them, the amount of tissue being removed, and more.

I am ready for Body Contouring Surgery. What is the next step?

To meet with Dr. Freel regarding Body Contouring after massive weight loss in Baton Rouge, schedule a consultation today by phone at (225) 924-7514, or click here to schedule a consultation online. Patients are able to be seen expediently and surgery can be arranged soon thereafter if so desired. Operative dates are tailored to fit the patient’s schedule.